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The European Union has set ambitious climate and energy goals. To contribute to this energy turnaround, EPoG will undoubtedly play an important role especially in cities and urban areas. Discover how these new PV technologies are overcoming aesthetic and construction constraints to become real architectural assets. And it is precisely the aesthetic value of the technology that allows us today to show this industrial object through real case demonstrators.

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From BIPV to Energy Positive Glazing EPOG


From traditional BIPV...

to BIPV as Building Envelope Construction Material

What we do

The Be-Smart project expects to contribute to the implementation of policies toward nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. By achieving substantial reductions to BIPV costs and triggering BIPV penetration in the building sector, it also expects to contribute to the creation of new opportunities and diversification in the European PV manufacturing industry.

Our solution

European Industry opportunity

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The Be-Smart consortium is a group of engage, committed and passionate experts who have joined forces to develop a roadmap that will contribute to enable the massive implementation and use of BIPV elements in the building industry.

This solution-oriented roadmap aims at inspiring and connecting anyone active in the field to promote their specific actions and field of expertise and engage them to contribute actively to the European green deal goals.

We believe that BIPV elements are key to more sustainable buildings and that by working together, we can make a real difference.

Our roadmap

Join us on this journey!

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Multi-disciplinary Ecosystem

  • Management
  • Basic research & applied development
  • Architecture & design
  • Material production
  • Bipv manufacture
  • Building construction
  • Exploitation & business development
  • Dissemination
  • Communication
  • EPoG


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