We are very pleased to launch the official blog of the BeSmart project.

This platform will serve to discuss thematics closely linked to the project and its targets, as well as present the architects, scientists, researchers, artists, engineers and industries involved and engaged in transforming photovoltaics into a commodity construction material for our cities and buildings.

We aim to use this blog as a reference to what is happening today in the field of BIPV, concentrating information addressed to professionals, policy makers, and to the public at large, as well as to share our latest technological and architectural results.

The blog is an extension of our vision, which is driven by a deep commitment to contribute to a paradigm change in our concepts of buildings and cities, and the way we live together as a society. Smart cities. Smart buildings. Smart Citizens.

Let’s Be-Smart together!

Latest articles

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What’s next


14th Conference on Advanced Building Skins

Bern, Switzerland


Be-Smart and BIPVBOOST
Solar Architecture Symposium

Zurich, Switzerland